Beijing network technology co., LTD., established in2018Years04Month17Day,The registered capital1000Yuan yuan,Company is located in Beijing,Mainly engaged in technology development、Technical consultation、Technical services、Technology transfer、Technology promotion;Software development;Design、Production、The agent、Ads;Computer system service;Sales of computer、Software and ancillary equipment、Electronic products、Communications equipment;Product design;Basic software services;Application software and services;Computer animation design;Economic and trade consultation;Cultural consulting;Translation service;Corporate planning;Television planning;Engaged in Internet cultural activities;Internet information services。
    Beijing network technology co., LTD., to the customer as the center,Which are characterized by the service;The pursuit of excellence in a professional value,Create industry brand model,To achieve maximum value,Return society,Sincere dedication mission for the enterprise;Gradually set up good brand company in Beijing。

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  • New Internet technology!IPFSLet data is never lost!

    At presentGoogleCloud computing has100More than ten thousand servers,Amazon、IBM、Microsoft、Yahoo, etc“The cloud”Both have hundreds of thousands of servers。More and more private enterprises“The cloud”General has hundreds of thousands of servers。“The cloud”Give users an unprecedented computing power。2017In the global scale of cloud storage market307Million dollars,...

  • The Internet giant artificial intelligence technology(AI)Path analysis

    With the development of information technology,And the rapid popularity of the Internet,Global data show explosive growth。The strategic significance of the big data technology lies in the specialization of huge data information processing,Its application to economic development、The social security、State management,Small to enterprise marketing、Customer analysis, etc,For all needs...

  • The Internet winter,Not the abyss,But a ladder

    With the accelerating speed of global information,The Internet has penetrated into every field of national life,In politics、The economy、Society、The influence of culture is more and more profound。The rapid development of network technology,Corresponding information security problem is becoming more and more serious,Global frequent major security incidents,2013The years“A prism”、...