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    Shandong bonanza vehicle industry co., LTD., located in shandong Texas Wu Cheng development zone industrial park,The company has all kinds of professional and technical personnel dozens of people,Specializing in the production of new energy fully enclosed motor carriage、Electric four-wheel old car instead of walking、Oil electric dual-use electric vehicles such as a variety of leisure car instead of walking,And the glass fiber reinforced plastic shed,Iron shell carport,Two sets of operating system、Car type digital instrument、Car type adjustable seat、Car type vacuum tyre、Disc disc brake、Double wiper、Double water jet、Remote control lock、Alarm、Electric lift glass、Such as auto parts。Take area shot video in Asia,7 tavDomestic amateur video online,Domestic candid99Watch electric motorcycle; variety complete line,Good performance,Quality is reliable,Safe and durable。The company has nearly all kinds of professional and technical personnel,Accumulated rich new energy electric vehicle design and development and corporate management experience。
    Companies have been followed“The quality for this,The customer is supreme,The pursuit of excellent quality”The quality policy,Continuously improve product quality and improve enterprise management,Provide consumers with first-class service。Products sell well all over the country provinces and cities,Is the ordinary people,Laid-off workers,The elderly,Disabled persons to the society,Get rich,Ideal tool to realize self value。

Vehicle industry co., LTD. Shandong bonanza
A mobile phone:13697690416
QQ :1064268385/1441218345
Address:Shandong dezhou in wucheng county can dispose development zone industrial park

In substation: HenanJiangsuShaanxi
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