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        Huzhou hengyuan biochemical technology co., LTDFounded in 2012,Located in the center of the Yangtze river delta area of zhejiang and jiangsu provinces border zhejiang huzhou long chemical industrial park,East of Shanghai,Close to318National highway,被申苏Zhejiang皖高速、ShenJiaHu high speed、HangNing high speed、Surrounded by around suzhou-jiaxing-hangzhou expressway,The traffic is very convenient。The company covers an area of14000Square meters,Factory environment elegant and tidy,And in2016Years were identified for science and technology department of zhejiang province“Science and technology high-tech enterprises in zhejiang province”。
        The company is a professional engaged in the new medical technology development and production of intermediates and apis,The company has successfully developed and produced more than 10 pharmaceutical products,Such as duloxetine hydrochloride、Aesop's acid、4-Phenoxy benzoic acid、Mr Lo he hydrochloride、Rice farmers 、 O discount to equality, etc,Aesop's acid...

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Address:Huzhou city, zhejiang province nanxun and fu mayor ShaPuTian chemical industry park9Number
The phone:+86-572-2767333 / 2767307 +86-572-2767308
A mobile phone:+86-13567283958