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Welding splash proof agent series
  • THIF-402Splash remover THIF-402Splash remover
    A light yellow,Tasteless non-toxic non-corrosive and non-volatile,With rust,Suitable for welding of carbon steel,Harmless to the human body and the environment。

  • THIF-405Welding splash agent THIF-405Welding splash agent
    IsTHIF-402Thickening of the product,Suitable for general welding produce larger particles or welding thickness,The operation situation of welding seam is deep。

  • THIF-406Welding splash remover THIF-406Welding splash remover
    A colorless transparent liquid,No corrosion artifacts,Residues after welding,Easy to remove,Suitable for welding repeatedly。
  • THIF-407Repeat welding splash liquid THIF-407Welding splash liquid water
    This product is suitable for multi-layer multichannel repeat welding,A spray can be repeatedly welded。After welding workpiece surface welding slag is easy to remove。

  • THIF-408Stainless steel welding splash agent THIF-408Stainless steel welding splash liquid
    Opalescent aqueous solution,With rust,Suitable for all kinds of surface electric arc welding and surface smooth and flat surface。

  • THIF-409Prevent agent THIF-409Prevent agent
    Prevent agentCan prevent the welding operation in the slag plug welding gun nozzle、Conductive mouth, etc,Continuous operation for welding。
Splash remover products series
Product modelThe effectThe characteristicPackaging figure
THIF-402Splash removerWelding1Times,Welding slag is less carbon steelWelding splash remover packaging pictures
25KG 、200KG/Barrels
THIF-405Welding splash agentWelding1Times,Welding slag is less carbon steel
Welding splash remover
RegularWelding1-2Times,Carbon steel
Easy to removeFew residues after welding,Carbon steel
EnhancedWelding1-2Times,Carbon steel,Stainless steel
THIF-407Welding splash liquid waterUsed for multilayer multichannel welding
THIF-408Stainless steel welding splash liquidWelding1-2Times,Carbon steel stainless steel
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Welding splash proof agent business
Welding splash remover sample figureWelding splash proof agent group with the contemporary trend of green environmental protection,Under the premise of advocating environmental protection concept,Successfully developed welding splash proof agent series products,Applicable to various types of carbon steel、Stainless steel, and other various metal welding,To prevent the splash of adhesion,Are more likely to remove make splash。Now has been successfully used in engineering machinery、Construction machinery、The steel structure、The automotive industry、The pressure vessel、Road construction machinery、Of motorcycle industry and other industries,The problem of the slag splash。