Musicians support free of charge

The world music(Free of charge)

We offer a free world music release free of charge,And provide news promotion and lyrics,Cover design。

Works to sing(Free of charge)

Independent musicians can choose the company existing original library record、Sing for you free of charge by our works for distribution,No need to pay any fees。

The musician's official website/Small program/H5(Free of charge)

We cooperate with Yi Yun speed would establish musicians/Label company since marketing platform,Can register for three minutes to build an artist's official website、Small program、AndH5WeChat marketing online

News reports(Free of charge)

Artists release new songs、The recent dynamic、Related news、Tencent entertainment、Netease entertainment、Sohu music、Such as thousands of news media reported

Musicians/An artist signed(Free of charge)

Free support contract,As long as you have a dream,I love music,In accordance with our signing artists,We provide quality support development

The whole countryKTVDelivery(Free of charge)

National chainKTV,Songs on the promotion,Cover on the market95%The aboveKTVClassics system,We are committed toKTVSong promotion,Favored by the majority of singer with the customer!

On Line Jane The bill The newsletter Speed

Break the traditional album was multifarious procedures,Independent have entire network distribution;Truly independent digital distribution,Do your own music to the issuer!
Quick to hit the shelves Tencent、Netease、Ali、iTunes、Spotify、KKBOX...Such as channel,You just concentrate on making music!

To disclose the information

Submit your real name information online,Audit personnel will be push star media platform24Hours to review your information,Approved or not will send a notification message for you,After approval, can continue to log in the platform for the next operation。

Signed the authorization

Break the traditional paper disc company operation,To realize online paperless and authorization signed a cooperation agreement,Improve the efficiency of sign,Guarantee security to sign the contract,Cooperation takes time,You only need to read online contract,And confirm it!

Upload work

Musicians after signing the agreement can be directly into personal center—Album management—The new album,According to the prompt,Fill in the album/Single details,Songs and upload files,After submission,The work will be24hWorking days for your review

On benefit

Approval of albums/Single, we will in working days24The hour for you to arrange cut music online,Tencent music、Netease music、Apple's music....Such as the world150+Countries and regions,And settlement works music platform in the world for you use。

The contract can be supported

Chongqing push star culture media co., LTD. To support the development of the independent music creation,Provide quality contract supporting the music、Promotion、All the musicians such as support

Musicians contract conditions

Have certain basis of singing,Can make the original song sung company,Musicians and original works of creative ability is better,Age, gender not limited,As long as you have enough love。

New express

The mainland part of the show

The global digital music for free、To apply for free distribution services

Music online100+Countries and regions


Cool dog music

Cool my music

Netease music

All the peopleKSong

Thousands of music









5From one minute to read what is copyright?5From one minute to read what is copyright?

As a just into the independent musicians、Music label run,Sit well with my signature to crop the copyright agreement,...


About the song made free of charge、Promotion of resourcesAbout the song made free of charge、Promotion of resources

About the song made free of charge: Star media to support music creators,Can provide free for excellent music works...


How to make the lyrics for saleHow to make the lyrics for sale

Push the star media library needs a long time: 1、RBLove song The rhythm is bright,Refer to the music《Empty》 2、Antique...


In view of the songs from the shelves,Please know!In view of the songs from the shelves,Please know!

Dear musician,What we need is a statement to you again,Considering from the shelves of many of the problems,As the global platform...


How to submit the albumMVVideoHow to submit the albumMVVideo

If you have to be onlineMVVideo,Please send video materials uploaded to the E-mail attachments:MVFile(MP4)、MVScreenshot。...


Album review general how long it takes?How long can be onlineAlbum review general how long it takes?How long can be online

「Audit time」 Audit working days for every Monday to Friday,For the audit cycle24Hours working days。 「On...


Album is not approvedAlbum is not approved

Album audit failed,There are many aspects,Reviewers will audit in the following aspects of the song:...


What is the need to provide audio track fileWhat is the need to provide audio track file

In accordance with the relevant provisions,Pure music works shall provide the complete track file for auditing。 You need to track file...


How to get music royalty statementsHow to get music royalty statements

Due to the time of each platform to provide report,Royalty statements once every three months and settlement,So we are...

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