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   Floor heating tube、Drinking hot and cold water pipe
  PE-RT 16*2.0
  PE-RT 20*2.0
  PE-RT 20*2.3
  PE-RT 25*2.3
  PE-RT 32*2.9
   Pipe clamp
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Changyi city doctors graduated suye co., LTD
A mobile phone:13505367886
The phone:0536-7795886
Address:Changyi city in shandong province east economic development zone、The path and changping road east900M professional>>More content
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    Changyi city doctors graduated suye co., LTDIs one specialized is engaged inPE-RTSeries plastic floor heating pipe of scientific research、Production、Sales for the integration of green、Energy saving、Environmental protection enterprises。
    The company has senior management experience of the management team,Has rich experience plastic pipe research and development and production of professional and technical team,Company long-term hire experts to guide product development and production in the industry,Company founder has the national patent。....More content  
Please watch“Long jin”BrandPE-RTFloor heating tube TV withstand voltage test
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